How to Give Your Bed Sheet a Hospital Corner How to Give Your Bed Sheet a Hospital Corner

Bed sheets can be a nightmare to keep tidy. A hospital corner is one of the neatest ways of putting a sheet onto a bed. Here is a step by step description of how to do it.

Step 1 – Base Sheet

If you are putting on the base sheet you will need to create hospital corners at all four corners unless the sheet is fitted. Lay the sheet on the mattress so that it hangs an equal length all around. If the sheet is an incorrect length and will not over hang both ends of the bed you should create the over hang at the head of the bed. This way the sheet will not slide into the bed when someone climbs in.

Step 2 – Tuck in the Ends

Tuck the ends of the sheet firmly under the mattress. Pull the sheet ends firmly from the sides of the mattress and towards the opposite end of the bed to remove any wrinkles.

Step 3 – Initial Collect

Take an edge of the sheet near the corner of the bed and pass it over on to the mattress. Place your arm inside the fold created in the sheet and then fold the sheet over onto the mattress.

Step 4 – Second Collect

The folded sheet will have a gather over the corner. Fold the gather so that it is at 45º. Smooth out any wrinkles. There will be an over hang of the mattress but it will already look tidy.

Step 5 – Bottom Layer

The bottom layer of the sheet needs to be collected into the folds created in steps 3 and 4. Smooth the layer and you will find that it will create a 45º angle automatically.

Step 6 – Prepare to Fold the Top Layer Ready for Tucking

Hold the folded back top layer of the sheet by the corner formed on the top edge by the fold to create the 45º angle. The angle of this corner is obtuse – 135º so it is easy to identify (apart from being the only corner there).

Step 7 – Fold the Top Sheet

Hold the sheet against the edge of the mattress with your free hand and then fold the sheet over your arm. Extract your arm. Reach under the sheet and gently ease out any wrinkles or creases. With practice the sheet will not wrinkle because you will move it too quickly.

Step 8 – Tuck In

You will now have the sheet hanging over the side of the bed with a 45º angle against the mattress. Tuck the sheet under the mattress and you have made your hospital corner.

Hospital corners always have an angle of 45º. It is this angle and the way that it concentrates four levels of the sheet in one area that holds the sheet so securely. Sometimes attempts are made to put hospital corners in the blankets that go over the sheets. This can be done with thin blankets but creates a bulge at each side of the foot of the bed

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