Advice on Gluing Memory Foam

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-30
What You'll Need
Spray foam adhesive
Work gloves
Face mask
Safety glasses
Long-sleeves work clothes

When memory foam rips and requires gluing, be careful not to use just any old glue you have lying around the house. The same advice applies when you are making something out of memory foam or using it in a project. This material is ideal for use in mattresses or in other projects due to the comfort it provides.

Be sure to use a spray foam adhesive for such a job. It can be found at most hardware stores, as well as from various online retailers. Once you have the appropriate materials, the first step is to lay down old newspapers to protect the surface you are using. Prepare the pieces of memory foam on top of the newspaper and make sure that they are lined up and ready to be pressed together.

Lightly mist the ends of the foam being glued with the spray foam adhesive. Allow the pieces to sit for about 15-seconds. Once the ends are sticky enough, make sure that they are even and exactly how you want them. Firmly press them together. Follow the drying instructions on the adhesive and you're all finished.

WARNING: Read your spray foam adhesive can's instructions carefully before you start using it. You'll likely need to wear safety glasses, a face mask and gloves while working with it. Also, keep it away from heat sources at all times.