How to Glue PVC Pipe

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  • 4-24 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40
What You'll Need
Waterproof PVC glue
Gorilla glue

Whether you are doing plumbing, electrical or some kind of craft or gardening work, you might need to glue Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe in place in order to secure it to joining pieces. If you are doing work that requires an air or watertight seal, special PVC glue is available to make sure there are no air gaps. If you need to glue it together, but a perfect seal is not necessary, Gorilla Glue works just as well. Follow these steps to glue a PVC pipe.

Step 1 - Wet Surfaces

To properly use Gorilla Glue, wet one of the surfaces to be glued together and coat the other surface in a thin layer of glue. You do not need much to make it work.

Step 2 - Push Pieces Together

Push the joining piece onto the end of the pipe as far as it will go. Hold it in place for a few seconds. Gorilla Glue forms a strong bond. Since the joining pieces are designed to fit snugly, there is no need to hold it in place. After a few minutes, the bond will begin to foam a little. Wait a few hours or for a whole day, and it will have formed a very strong bond.

PVC glue used for plumbing purposes works in the same way, but you need to make sure to coat the surface evenly so no gaps are present when it dries.