How to Glue Vellum Paper

What You'll Need
Vellum paper
Double-sided tape

Vellum paper is a transparent paper used for scrapbooking and formal stationery. It requires special glue that will not be visible once it dries. An adhesive designed for use with vellum paper will keep the paper in your scrapbooks transparent and neat without any liquid glues seeping through the porous material.

Step 1 - Vellum Paper Adhesive

A double-sided tape that dries clear is the best kind to use on vellum paper. Craft and art supply stores carry this type of tape. The tape comes on a spool like most tapes. It can be cut to the desired length.

Step 2 - Applying Vellum Paper Adhesive

Cut a 1-inch piece of adhesive tape with the backing attached to it. Attach the piece of tape to the vellum paper corners. Remove the backings and align the vellum paper to another piece of paper. Smooth the vellum paper against the second paper where the tape is located. Let the adhesive dry on the vellum paper. Once the paper is dry, it can be slipped into your scrapbook

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Vellum paper does not require every edge to have a strip of double-sided tape attached to it. Paper areas that are most vulnerable to creasing and tearing, such as corners, can have a small section of tape applied to them. If you want the vellum paper to act as the background to which other decorations will be added, a small square of the vellum paper adhesive can be placed on the back of the decoration.