How to Glue Veneer Plywood How to Glue Veneer Plywood

What You'll Need
Wood Veneer resin
Wood clamps

If you want to add a veneer plywood edge to your lumber, then you can do this easily by gluing it onto the surface of your wood. Adding a veneer layer to plywood layers can improve the appearance of your top edge, so you can create perfect wood-worked projects from plywood.

Step 1 - Coating the Plywood

Add some veneer mix to your plywood, covering the entire sheet of wood. Allow this to dry onto the plywood for at least 24 hours, or until the veneer mix ceases to be tacky. Once the mix is dry, press a layer of paper over the surface of the plywood, using a paint roller if necessary to get a completely flat surface.

Step 2 - Adding the Glue

Take the paper off of the plywood, and add a layer of wood glue to the surface of the plywood. Once this is covering the surface of the wood, take your veneerand then place it on top of the plywood. Using your paper again, press out the air from beneath the veneer. Using another piece of wood, press down on the paper, and then add your wood clamp to the top. Leave for 48 hours before removing the clamp.


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