How to Glue Vinyl Tiles to the Floor

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Tile glue
Hand held hair dryer

Many homeowners dislike using vinyl tiles as a floor covering because they are more likely to come loose; however, this disadvantage is strangely, also an advantage. Although vinyl floor tiles are more likely to come loose from the floor than other types of floor covering, they are also easier to glue into place. Here are four easy steps to glue vinyl floor tile into place.

Step 1 - Clean the Floor

Clean away any loose dirt or debris from area where you will glue the tiles.

Step 2 - Heat the Tile

If you will remove and re-glue tile that is already in place, heat it with your hair dryer. As the tile warms up and becomes more pliable, carefully lift it up. Begin at a corner and lift slowly until you have it loose from the floor.

Step 3 - Apply New Adhesive to the Floor

Following the instruction on the adhesive container, spread glue on the place on the floor where you'll be gluing the tile.

Step 4 - Position the Tile

Place the tile on the floor where you'll be gluing it. When you have it in place, press it down firmly. Finally, wipe away any excessive adhesive that comes up between the tile edges.