How to Grout where the Bathtub Meets Tile

What You'll Need
Epoxy grout
Grout sealer
Grout float
Putty knife
Masking tape
Rubber gloves

Placing grout is not hard at all, this article will guide you on how to grout where the bathtub meets the tiles. Grout is a construction material used around tiles that are placed around a bathtub, walls and even on floors. Grout is typically made of water, sand or fine gravel and cement. There are three common types of grout: resin grout, cement based grout and epoxy grout. Resin grout, unlike other types of grout with a water base; this grout has an alcohol base and comes only in the color black. Before applying it, the tiles need to be cleaned meticulously by steam and then coated with wax. Most do-it-yourself enthusiasts tend to shy away from this type of grout because of its scrupulous pre-application methods. Cement based grout is preferred by most do-it-yourself enthusiasts because it comes in either a powder mixture or a pre-mixed mixture. Like the resin grout, it can come in a sanded or un-sanded variety. Among the three types of grout, it is known to be the easiest type to use and clean. Epoxy Grout is more expensive compared to the two other types. It is stain resistant and water resistant which makes it suitable for use in areas where water is a constant thing, such as in bathrooms and kitchen countertops.

Step 1 - Clean the Bathtub Area

If this is the first time that you are installing the tile in between the bathtub and the tile, then is easier to apply grout because cleaning is not necessary. If however you are re-grouting, then make sure that you remove the old grout and that there is no excess left over. Making sure that the area is clean will ensure that the grout will adhere.

Step 2 - Tape the Edges of the Tub

Before proceeding with the project, put masking tape at the edges of the bathtub closest to where the grout will be applied so that you will not get grout on the tub.

Step 3. Prepare and Apply Grout

For this example epoxy grout will be used, because it is water resistant and since the area is near a bath tub, this is the best choice for the project. Prepare the epoxy grout and apply it in between the area where the bathtub meets the tile using a putty knife. Use a grout float to smooth out the grout.

Step 4 - Let it Dry

Once you are satisfied with the application of the grout, let it dry. It usually takes 3 days for grout to completely dry, make sure not to wet the grout with water while it is drying.

Step 5 - Apply Grout Sealer

When the grout is completely dry, apply a grout sealer, this will ensure that the grout will be able to resist water better and will make the grout last longer.