How to Grow a Moss Rose in a Container

Moss rose.
What You'll Need
Moss rose seeds
Potting soil
Spray bottle
Rocks or pebbles

Moss rose is a flowering plant known as Portulaca. The Portulaca or moss rose plants produces a flower that can come in many different colors. Growing moss rose in a container can be easily accomplished with some soil, seeds, and a container. The moss rose is a drought-resistant plant that does not require a lot of water to grow. In fact, when growing moss rose, you should resist the urge to put too much water in the planting container.

Here is a guide to help you grow moss rose in a container.

Step 1 - Obtain a Potting Container

Purchase or reuse a flowing pot that you have available for growing your moss rose flowers. The flower pot should be large enough to accommodate all of the moss rose plants that you are looking to grow. Clean the flower pot out with soap and water and allow it to dry if you are planning to reuse an existing flower pot.

Step 2 - Fill the Flower Pot

In order to plant your moss rose plants, place rocks or pebbles at the bottom of your flower pot. Shake the flower pot to make sure that the stones settle evenly throughout the bottom of the flower pot. Add a layer of charcoal over the top of the pebbles or rocks that you placed in the flower pot. Once you pour the charcoal inside, layer the flower pot with potting soil. This can be purchased at a local home and garden store.

This layering will provide the moss rose plant with a way to retain water and flourish and grow when there is no water available. This is important because if you place too much water in a moss rose container, the plant will die from being overwatered.

Step 3 - Plant the Moss Rose Seeds

Plant the moss rose seeds in the potting soil. Push the seeds into the soil approximately 1 inch or so into the flowering pot. This will provide the seeds with adequate cover while they are growing and allow their roots to reach the level they need to reach in order to sprout and grow as well.

Step 4 - Mist the Moss Rose Plant

Use a spray bottle to mist the soil of the moss rose plant. This will provide an adequate level of moisture for the moss rose seeds to germinate and grow. You should look to mist the plant daily for three to four weeks after which misting can take place less frequently. The soil should remain moist but not be too wet in order for the moss rose to continue to grow properly.