How to Grow an Indoor Moss Garden

What You'll Need
Potting Soil
Rocks or Pebbles
Spray Bottle

An indoor moss garden provides a nice accent to the inside of your home and to your indoor plants. Moss requires little water and sunlight, so growing an indoor moss garden should be easy to accomplish for even the greenest of green thumbs. You can place a moss garden in almost any type of container and it can be grown almost anywhere indoors. It grows easily and as long as it is maintained and watered properly (not over-watered), the moss plant should last for a long time indoors. You can also transfer your moss plant outdoors if you like to promote even greater growth throughout your garden. 

To properly grow a moss garden indoors, here are the tools, materials and steps needed to accomplish this job.

Step 1: Choose a Planting Container

Determine where you want to plant your moss garden to determine the type of container you will use. If you plan to hang the moss, use a hanging planter. If the moss is going to be placed on a desk in a kitchen or home office, use a smaller container, including a glass container. Clean the container out with soap and water and allow it to dry thoroughly before using it in the next step.

Step 2: Fill the Container

This next step involves creating the growing layers inside the planter for your moss plant. Inside the container place a layer of rocks or pebbles. This will form the bed for your moss in order for it to root and grow. It will also provide necessary drainage for your moss plant. On top of the rock bed, place a bed of charcoal. This will also help with retaining moisture for the moss. The moss will follow the charcoal and pebbles and be topped off with potting soil. Use a spray bottle to mist the surface of the soil in order for it to get moisture. Do not put too much water in the container because mosses do not require a lot of water to grow. The layers that you created will help the moss plant conserve water needed for its continued development and growth.

Step 3: Mist the Moss

You will need to keep the moss damp for a period of 3 to 4 weeks after the initial planting has occurred. Provide water on a daily basis using a spray bottle to mist the moss.

Step 4: Place in a Sealed Container

Place a seal over the moss but do not seal it completely to allow air to get in. The moss should be kept out of direct sunlight and misted frequently in order to keep the plant from drying out. Placing out of the sunlight and in a container will promote its growth and produced the desired green mossy plant that you are looking for.