How to Grow Dill Hydroponically

What You'll Need
Liquid fertilizer
Hydroponics system
Dill seeds

You can grow most any plant hydroponically, including dill. Dill is among the herb family and can be successful in hydroponics growing. You can start your seeds hydroponically or use soil and then transfer them to the hydroponics garden. There are many debates about different methods and the best way to go about starting seeds. For the purpose of this article we will discuss how to start dill hydroponically from seed and how to continue growth until time for harvest.

Step 1 - Starting Seeds Hydroponically

You need to sprinkle the seeds on top of a piece of rockwool and then lightly press them in. The rock wool will need to stay moist with a water and nutrient spray mixture in order for the seeds to germinate. Be certain to find a liquid fertilizer with all thirteen of the vital minerals and nutrients. Spray the rockwool and seeds daily to ensure that they are moist but not soggy.

Step 2 - Moving the Germinated Seedlings

One the dill has geminated you have the option of moving it to a soil garden or continuing to grow it hydroponically. The seedlings and root systems do not need to be disturbed. The rockwool can be placed directly into a soil base or a hydroponic system. Rockwool is a universal medium that should not be reused but can be used in most any hydroponic system. By being a great seed starter and hydroponic medium it is ideal for transplanting the dill to its new hydroponic home.

Step 3 - Maintaining Dill Growth

Once the seed has geminated then the growth is a matter of finding the best nutrient level for them and maintaining a constant water supply. You will introduce the nutrients to the water and then the water to the plants. You have many different choices of hydroponic systems, all of which when used correctly will produce healthy and flavorful dill. There is a certain water level that needs to be maintained in hydroponics, you can either choose a manual approach or choose to have a pump deliver a premixed solution to your plants. By having this constant water solution the plants roots will have instant access to the nutrients needed to make it grow.

Step 4 - Placement of the Dill

No matter if you are planting in soil or in a hydroponic garden then the placement of the dill should be very similar. Dill is one of the taller full grown herbs and can reach up to three feet in height. By placing it behind the other plants you will allow access to all of the herbs while allowing the smaller plants to have sun and shade as needed.

Hydroponics is not a new way to grow plants. There are many different countries that actually use it as their main gardening source and for some products as a productive farming method. With a little practice and some study of how hydroponics works you will be growing more nutritious and flavorful vegetables.