How To Grow Ginseng Root

Surprisingly, the growing and harvesting of ginseng root has become more difficult due to many laws and regulations regarding wild ginseng’s possible extinction.  Before deciding to grow ginseng, it may be wise to contact your local government to see what is permitted and where.  

Start with the seeds

Wild ginseng produces seeds that actually aren’t ready to sprout for over a year’s time.  Therefore, when you are ready to purchase, ask for seed that aren’t stratified so they will germinate that first year of planting.  

Find the perfect location

Ginseng grows best in areas that are shaded as well as those with soil that is well drained.  Ginseng also prefers hillsides with out direct sunlight.  They also do not grow well in hot or humid parts of the country so keep this in mind when deciding to grow.  

Be very patient

It will take more than five years for your ginseng plant to become fully mature and ready for harvest.  This usually means that the plants will have more than three pronged stems to prove that they are completely ready to take and eventually dry the roots for consumption.  Some state’s laws vary regarding the number of prongs that are legal for harvesting.