How to Grow Lantana Flowers in Containers

What You'll Need
Potting soil
Lantana plant
Large pot

Lantana flowers are big cluster-growing flowers that grow in tropical regions of the Americas and Africa. They’re known as ham-and-eggs flowers because of their pink and yellow appearance and are fairly easy to grow and maintain.

However because they can’t handle the harsh cold of winter, they are best planted in a container rather than in the ground.

Step 1 – Prepare New Pot

Once you’ve picked the plant you want, prepare your pot. First, lay a few pot shards at the bottom of your new pot. Next, add your potting soil, about ¾ of the way up. Dig a hole in the center and sprinkle a little bit of mild fertilizer or compost into the bottom. The fertilizer will help the plant grow and establish a healthy root system.

Step 2 – Transplant

Take your lantana plant and flip it over, holding the bottom of the plant’s trunk for support. Thump the container a few times and slowly remove it, and then turn your plant right-side up.

Using your fingers, gently loosen the roots and shake off the excess dirt. The old soil will not help the plant. Now, gently place the plant down into the hole you’ve dug in your new pot, and gently wedge it into the hole. Backfill with topsoil and add a bit more topsoil.

Step 3 – Water and Grow

Water your lantana plant, so that you’re giving it a good head start for growth. To care for your lantana, keep the soil warm, and do not leave it in direct sunlight because you’ll scorch the flowers and leaves.

Never water from overhead, as rot and disease can occur. Also remember not to fertilize more than once a year because the plant will be more vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Once you are done, you are ready to enjoy the fragrant 2-tone clusters of flowers on your lantana plant. Also, you can bring your plant in to encourage winter growth.