How to Grow Lily of the Valley Indoors

What You'll Need
Lily Of The Valley Flower Bulbs
Growing Pot
Vegetable Fertilizer (Water Soluble Is Best)
Planting Mixture (Loam, Sand, And Peat Moss)

The Lily of the Valley is a beautiful flower that is easy to grow indoors. They prefer cooler temperatures, so growing indoors during the hot summer months is a great idea. The Lily of the Valley requires high quantities of water and growing indoors enable you to monitor their water intake closely. They also add a splash of color to your home, even in the chilly winter months.

Step 1: Caring For Bulbs

It is best to purchase the bulbs that you will be planting in early spring. These bulbs should be pre-forced from the previous winter. Be sure to plant these types of bulbs right away as they have a short growing season. It is often easier to grow new bulbs each year rather than trying to grow from the previous season’s bulbs.

Step 2: Planting

Be sure your planting container has plenty of holes for drainage. Lily of the valley flowers need damp soil, but it is unhealthy for them to sit in standing water. Use two inches of pebbles in the bottom of the container then fill the rest with the peat moss, loam, and sand mixture. Plant the bulb in this mxture with the tip level with the soil.

Step 3: Watering

Be sure to use plenty of water during the growing season. The soil should be damp but not flooded. Begin decreasing water when new growth starts coming out of the soil. At this point, just make sure that the soil is consistently damp. This is especially important during the blooming season.

Step 4: Provide Sunlight

Be sure to allow for plenty of sunlight, so place the plant near the window in your home that receives the most sunlight every day. Be sure to monitor the temperature near this window as the lily of the valley prefers temperatures around 68 degrees with ample ventilation.

Step 5: Feeding

Be sure to provide high quantities of water soluble vegetable fertilizer until the end of the blooming season. Having these plants indoors will allow you to monitor them closely. Feed the plant with the fertilizer once per week through the blooming season. Once the blooming season is over you can move the lily of the valley flower to a window which provides more shade and prepare it for the next season. Store in a cold frame until the next season to promote continual growth.