How to Grow Mums with Cuttings

What You'll Need
Established mum plants
Potting mix
Rooting powder

Mums are a perennial plant, and this means that they will only last a few years. Instead of having to buy brand new plants every couple of years, you can save money by taking some cuttings from plants that you already have. By taking cuttings you can get new mums for free.

You will be able to take as many cuttings as you want and keep on expanding the size of your garden. You could even grow the cuttings into small plants and then sell these to other people, which would be a great way to make some extra money. Mum cuttings are a fantastic way of expanding your garden without having to spend a fortune on new plants.

Step 1 - Selecting Cuttings

Before you can take a cutting you need to ideally wait until spring. Taking a cutting during the early or mid-spring is the best time. Look for young, tender shoots and use these to take cuttings from.

You shouldn't take any cuttings which have buds or flowers, as the chance of these taking are greatly reduced. The best cuttings will only have leaves on them.

Step 2 - Taking a Cutting

When taking a cutting from mums you need to cut the top two inches off the new tender shoots. At the cut end you need to remove any of the leaves, so that it will be able to be pushed easily into the soil. Leave the top sets of leaves on the cuttings so that it will stand a much better chance of surviving and growing.

Remember that no matter how careful you are, there's no way that you can guarantee that every single cutting will take. You should always take more cuttings than you need, in case these don't work for any reason.

Step 3 - Preparing the Cuttings

Dip the cut end into rooting powder. This is a specialist powder which can be purchased from any garden center. It encourages the cutting to root and makes it much more likely that your cutting will go on to be a plant.

Step 4 - Planting the Cuttings

Push the cuttings into a pot which is full of potting compost. Make sure that half an inch of the cutting is pushed into the soil.

Step 5 - Watering

Water the cuttings so that the soil is nice and moist. Wait for the soil to almost completely dry out before you water it again.

Step 6 - Thinning Cuttings

When the cuttings start to grow they will probably start to get crowded. In this case, you need to remove some of the cuttings and put them into their own pots. This will allow them to grow into strong adult plants. Once they're established enough, you will then be able to plant the mums out in the garden or put them in pots in your home.