How to Grow Pink Lily of the Valley

What You'll Need
Gloves for gardening (optional)
Watering can or hose

Having green fingers is fantastic, but it can sometimes be very difficult to know how to plant and grow certain plants, including the pink lily of the valley. With the right tools and materials you will be able to easily grow them. Learning how to plant lily of the valley properly will protect your investment, by ensuring that your plants don't die just after you plant them.

Step 1 - Choosing the Right Area

Select the right area in your garden which is suitable for growing pink lily of the valley. They thrive in areas which have indirect sunlight and lots of shade. You should never plant lily of the valley in direct sunlight, as they would not stand a good chance of success.

They like to grow in soil which is slightly moist but not completely wet. The very best place to plant them is under trees or in other shady areas. If you plant them somewhere that they like, they'll spread very quickly and become even more beautiful.

Step 2 - Digging a Hole

To plant the lily of the valley you need to dig a big enough hole. The hole needs to be large enough to fit the roots and runners into. If your soil is too hard or dry, you might need to rake in some compost. These plants spread very quickly by using runners which are sent underground. If you want them to spread quickly, concentrate on improving conditions in these areas so that the plants find growing there preferable.

If the soil is too hard in certain areas, it will prevent the lilies from spreading quickly. Using a fork to break up all of the soil and improving the quality of it will make it much easier for the runners to get through the soil and spread the plants.

If your soil is very dry, you should water it before putting the plants inside. Allow the soil to absorb all of the water before you put the lily in and fill it with soil.

Step 3 - Planting the Lily

Make sure that all the roots and runners are covered and the plant should be very happy. Start by using your fingers to loosen the root ball. Put the entire plant into the hole and start filling it with soil. Press the soil down firmly so that there are no air bubbles.

Step 4 - Watering

Water your pink lily of the valley. This is even more important if the soil in that particular area is normally very dry. You might need to water the area several times to get enough moisture into the plant.

If you choose the right spot and promote the right conditions, there's no reason why your pink lily of the valley won't grow and spread very quickly.