How to Grow Sphagnum Moss

What You'll Need
Fresh Cuttings
Peat Moss
Rain, Distilled or RO Water

Sphagnum moss has been known to make large carpets of live material that form over swamps and bogs all around the world. With a little care, you can grow sphagnum moss in your own back yard. Below are some steps and tools that are necessary in order to grow your own sphagnum moss.

Step 1 – Preparing the Moss

Before you begin to plant or grow your moss, you will need to start by taking cuttings that are actively growing. These should come from the top four inches of the plant. Be sure that you cut these sections no bigger than an inch in size.

Step 2 – Preparing the Area

Once the moss is ready to go, you can start preparing the area. Be sure that you acquire a good quality of peat moss. If you are using a mini bog, make it no deeper than twenty inches.

Step 3 – Sowing

Sow with a one to ten ratio. This means that the cuttings that are taken from a single square foot should be used to seed ten square feet.

Step 4 – Mulching

If you use a light layer of mulch, there is a good chance that this will encourage the growth rate of your moss. Be sure that you mulch just deep enough to keep the moss from becoming dried out, but shallow enough to allow light to reach your moss. When you are dealing with a larger area, you can use straw successfully.

Step 5 – Watering

It is very important that you pay attention to the water level. You should occasionally flood the moss with no more than an inch of water. When you are just beginning to grow your moss, keep the water level to a point that will keep your moss from drying out. If the tips become brown, raise the water level. Do not use hard water for your sphagnum moss.

Step 6 – Ideal Environment

The temperature should never get above seventy degrees or below fifty for your moss. A basin is usually the best place to start them off. If you are able to allow more light conditions, you will find that your moss will become more colorful.

Because sphagnum has no roots, it can grow over just about anything as long as the conditions are right for it to properly flourish. You should always keep in mind that sphagnum grows naturally in swamps, bogs and dens. This means that you should try to mimic this environment as much as possible to keep your sphagnum moss both healthy and happy.