How to Handle Copper Roof Corners How to Handle Copper Roof Corners

A copper roof, although expensive, if properly installed and maintained will last as long as a century. It is extremely durable and superior to every other kind of roofing material. Not only that, but it is a very unique feature to add to a home. In areas where excessive moisture can lead to molding roofs, installing copper is a way to avoid any rotting. Copper can be installed on a roof with few seams. Done right, water will never get in through the roof. Corners, however, can be problematic and will usually require a combination of flashing and solder.

Soldering Copper Roof Corners

Flashing is a point somewhere on a roof where different materials meet up. Since copper is installed in large sheets and sealed at any joint, the need for flashing on a copper roof is less. However, where roof faces come together and form corners or where protrusions such as a chimney, skylight or vent create holes in the roofing material, soldering flashing is required. 

Flashing is usually made of fine grade metal anyway. Copper will solder easily once any mill oil is removed from it. Every corner of the roof where copper does not run in an unbroken sheet requires soldering the flashing in order to ensure no water leakage. 

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