How to Hang a Bath Cabinet

What You'll Need
Bathroom cabinet
Stud finder
Tape measure

Hanging a new bath cabinet in your bathroom is an easy project, that won't require a lot of tools or knowledge of building. Adding a new bath cabinet can give your bathroom an entirely new look in a short period of time.

Step 1-Prepare the Area

For this project, we will be instructing how to install a flat mount bathroom medicine cabinet. Usually, this type of cabinet is installed over the bathroom sink, but you can also install it over the toilet, or on a sidewall near the bathroom sink. This is often done if there are large mirrors over the sink, that prevent installation.

Measure the area where the cabinet will hang, so you can purchase the correct size. If the area is small, use the stud finder to find where wall studs are in that wall, so you can determine if the cabinet can be centered. Having a cabinet off center means you have to move it to another area, or you have to hang it with a different type of screw or bolt, rather than the type that screws into wood. Having a cabinet hanging on a wall off centered can be an eyesore.

Step 2- Determining Proper Measurements

Many bath cabinets come with a template, to place on the wall where you are going to install it. This template shows you where to drill holes in the wall for the screws, or to mark where the screws will go. Put the template on the wall where you want the cabinet to hang, and use the level to make sure the space between the holes is level. Tape the template in place. Use the drill to make the holes for the wood screws, or pilot holes if using another type of fastener. Remove the template.

Step 3-Installing the Cabinet

The next step is a 2 person job, so be sure to have a friend or family member available. Have 1 person lift the cabinet, and center the holes over the drilled holes. Insert the screw through the medicine cabinet holes, and into the holes you just drilled. Use the screwdriver to tighten down the screws. Most medicine cabinets come with the screws you need, and may also have a flat metal washer to fit between the back of the medicine cabinet and the wall, to make the holes in the medicine cabinet stronger. These washers also help level the cabinet. When the cabinet is in place, be sure to check again to see that it is level.

Step 4-Using Toggle Bolts

If you don't have studs that you can center the medicine cabinet over and drill into, then you need to use toggle bolts. This type of bolt enables you to anchor the medicine cabinet in a hollow of the wall. When purchasing these bolts, be sure to get them with the correct size head, and the correct length. Also know the approximate weight of the bath cabinet, so you will know the type to purchase. Installing a cabinet with this type of bolt is the same as with wood screws, except you drill the size hole instructed on the packaging.