How to Hang a Bed Canopy from Vaulted Ceilings

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What You'll Need
Ceiling hooks and anchors
Fabric grommets
Fabric Glue

Hanging a bed canopy is a great way to dress up an ordinary bedroom. But if you have vaulted ceilings, you may think it is impossible to use this kind of treatment. Actually, hanging a bed canopy on a vaulted ceiling is very similar to hanging one on a normal ceiling.

Choose Your Fabric

Choose the fabric that you want to use for your bed canopy. Lightweight fabric, such as tulle, netting or a gauzy material will work best for your bed canopy. Because you are working with a vaulted ceiling, before heading to the fabric store you will need to determine where at on the bed you want the canopy to be placed. Measure the width of the bed and from floor to the point on the ceiling where the hooks will be inserted.

Keep in mind that, with a vaulted ceiling, the length of fabric that you will need is greater than you would use if your ceiling is not vaulted

Once you choose your fabric, hem it up about 1/2 inch using either fabric glue or hem tape.

Prepare the Ceiling and Hang Your Hardware

Make sure that your bed is where you want it to be when you are finished. Measure twice and drill once.

With a pencil, make a mark where you want to place your ceiling hooks. Before drilling, take your fabric and hold it up to the mark and see if you like the way it hangs. You can also take a thumbtack and tack up all four sides or have an assistant hold the fabric up. This way you can make sure that you are happy with the results and avoid having to patch holes later on.

Once you are happy with the look, take your drill and drill a hole on the mark that you made. Attach the anchor to the ceiling hook so that the anchor folds downward.

Insert the hook and anchor in the hole, pushing up on it so the hook is flush against the ceiling. This ensures that the anchor opens fully. Screw the hook in tighter until it is flush with the ceiling.

Repeat these steps with the other three hooks and anchors.

Prepare And Hang Your Fabric

Once you have the hooks installed, hold the fabric up to the hooks to see where you want it to attach to the hooks. Use a fabric pencil to make a mark where you want to cut your holes. Do this with all four panels. Use the scissors to cut a small hole on the marks. Using the grommet installer that came with your grommet kit or a hammer, install the fabric grommets in the holes that you made.

Once you have the grommets installed, hang the fabric from the ceiling hooks.

Finishing Touches

Once you have your fabric hung from the hooks, arrange it to your liking. By using ribbon or extra fabric, you can create tiebacks and tie the bed canopy to the bedposts on the bed. If you do not have bedposts, you can install four curtain holders into your wall where you want the bed canopy to be tied back at. Make sure you leave an opening in the middle of the bed.