How To Hang a Bookshelf

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Wall Bracket and Anchors

Secure and display your bookshelf by mounting or hanging it on the wall. Before you begin, make sure your chosen bookshelf and wall will  be able to handle the weight of the books or other items to plan to store on it.

1 – Choose Your Space

Your first step is to decide exactly where you want your bookshelf to be. Evaluate your walls to determine where the bookshelf would fit best. If you've already chosen your bookshelf, consider the design and style of the piece as well as the room.

2 – Mark the Wall

Marking the wall is a small but important step for hanging a bookshelf. Make sure your marks are even and that they are the correct distance apart. Generally, the brackets for the wall will be 2 to 3 inches in from the sides. Each bookshelf will have a different set of instructions for installation. Just be sure to use the pencil with the measuring tape—do not attempt to simply 'eyeball' the measurements.

3 – Place the Anchors

Anchors are special types of screws that are used for wall projects that bear weight. Place the anchors where indicated in the instructions. The brackets will then be connected to the anchors to give you the sturdy base for your bookshelf.

4 – Check the Level

Before you screw the bookshelves to the brackets, check to make sure that they are level. Simply place the board on the brackets (without screwing it in) and place the level on top of the board. Adjust the brackets accordingly until the bookshelf is level.

5 – Screw in the Board

The final step is to secure the board to the brackets. Read the instructions to understand where on the board the screws should be, and how many you should use. Once you have screwed all of the screws into the board, your bookshelf will be sturdy and secure.