How to Hang a Copper Water Pipe

What You'll Need
Copper pipe
Pipe cutter
Sand paper
Tube cutter

A copper pipe is useful both for new installation and for repair work. It is available as either a rigid pipe or flexible type. The rigid pipes are suitable for use as new installations while the flexible are used for repair work.

Step 1 – Cut the Pipe

Hold the pipe in place using a vise. Use a pipe cutter to cut through the pipe to the length required. After making the cut, use a half-round file to smooth the inside of the pipe.

Step 2 – Sweat the Pipe

Clean the pipe thoroughly. Use a separate brush or a piece of sand paper to clean the part you need to insert in the pipe until it shines. Remove all debris in the pipe so that the pipe can form a strong seal. Apply some flux or soldering paste on the bright end using a brush and then use a propane torch to sweat the pipe.

Step 3 - Mending the Pipe

When it becomes necessary to replace a pipe or repair it, select a coupling of the correct size and slip it into the pipe. Clean the pipe thoroughly and then solder the coupling into position. This will prevent leaks from taking place.