How to Hang a Curtain Room Divider

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Curtain weights (Fabric or drapery store)
Curtain Rod
Curtain rings
Hand vac

A room divider curtain is an easy way to break up a space while adding color, pattern and texture to a room. If you have children who share a bedroom, a curtain room divider will give each one their own space. This type of divider also works well in a loft type of layout in a home where you need to divide the areas into separate rooms. It creates the illusion of walls, but it is impermanent, so you can pull it back as needed for entertaining. Aside from these benefits, a room divider curtain is also an inexpensive way to add personal style to an apartment or other rented dwelling without painting.

Step 1 - Choosing Your Curtain

When choosing your curtain, try to get a fabric that has some weight to it so that it will hang well. Keep in mind that this will be replacing a wall, so you will want it to look nice. A see-through fabric is not an ideal choice for this project.

Also take correct measurements. Measure from the ceiling to the floor, leaving an inch or two below so you easily clean under the curtain.

Step 2 - Choosing a Rod

The rod can be just as much a showpiece as the curtain. There are many choices available as far as color and finishes. You can choose a simple rod or an ornate piece with finials. You can also choose fancy curtain rings by which to hang your curtain. Be sure to pick up some sturdy brackets and heavy bolts to adhere them to the ceiling.

Step 3 - Hanging Your Curtain Room Divider

First, you will need to hang the curtain rod. Measure and mark with a pencil where you want the brackets to go. Hold the brackets—one at a time—in place, and screw them tightly into the ceiling.

Next, thread the curtain onto the rod. Snap on the curtain rings into the holes at the top of the curtain for easy hanging. The rings will also make it easier when you want to take the curtain down for cleaning, and they will allow you to pull the curtain back if you are entertaining and want to open up the space.

Hang the curtain onto the rod. Spread out the material and fluff it up to help loosen any wrinkles. All of the wrinkles will fall out within a couple of days of hanging. Once your curtain room divider is hung, you will only need to do some general maintenance to keep it looking nice.

Step 4 - Upkeep

To keep the curtain looking its best, use a hand vac on it once a month to remove dust. If you have a fabric that can be washed, remove it one or twice a year and wash it in the gentle cycle with mild soap. If your fabric is not washable, you can toss the curtain in a dryer with a white towel for 20 minutes to freshen it in between dry cleanings.