How to Hang a Door Part 1 How to Hang a Door Part 1

What You'll Need
Wood Shims
Door Trim
Miter Saw
Door Lock Set
Hand Plane
Tape Measure
Router and Straight Edge Bit
Hinge Template
Door Hinges and Screws
Wood Chisel

Knowing how to hang a door need not be a challenge if you have the right tools and materials. As with all do-it-yourself projects, many home improvement centers will be all to happy to provide you with the right materials and tools. Here are some suggestions to follow for a tried and proventechnique for a successful and rewarding experience. Most doors can be hung correctly and accurately within one to two hours with a minimum of skill.

Step 1, Take Measurements

Begin by taking careful measurements of the opening in which the door will be installed. Make certain that it is as square as possible and that you have exact measurements of the height and width. Bring measurements with you when purchasing the door to be sure it will fit the existing opening. Most doors will come with extra framing on their top, bottom and side edges and can be planed or sanded to fit within any opening. Aim for a 1/8 inch clearance all around the door as it sits within the opening. This clearance factor can be adjusted after the door has been hung.

Step 2-Install Hinges on Door Edge

Door hinges should be spaced and installed approximately eight inches from the top and bottom of the door. Use finishing nails, and temporarily nail hinge template into place, allowing for edge of hinge to rest on markings (eight inches from top and bottom). Next, using a router and straight edge bit, router out outline of hinge as provided for with the hinge template. Remove template and chisel corners so that they are square, place hinge in place and screw hinges in place.

Step 3-Place Door in Opening

Place wooden shims around opening and secure them with masking tape to hold them in place while moving door in place. Align hinges with door jamb and mark holes with a sharp pencil. Remove door and place aside. Pre-drill the holes for the hinges by staying as accurately as possible within the center of the circles drawn by the pencil. Again, place the door in the opening and check for a good fit. This may have to be done several times until the hinges and door line up as accurately as possible.

Step 4-Fitting Door in Opening

Once the door is hung and moves freely on its hinges, it may be necessary to trim the edges of the door to fit within the door opening. This can be done by running it through a table saw. A quicker and less laborious way is to trim it with a hand plane. The sides of the door should be trimmed so that the edges angle in toward the opening, with less wood removed where the outer edges meet the door opening.

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