How to Hang a Door Part 2

What You'll Need
Cylinder Lock Set
Fitting Template (diagram usually supplied with lock set)
Phillips Screw Driver
Tape Measure
Combination Square
Portable Drill
Auger Bits
Hole Saw Set
Wood Chisel

Having learned how to hang a door, and having it fitted properly and swinging freely in the door opening completes phase 1. It is now necessary to drill holes for the cylinder lock set and the doorknob. Although this is an exacting process, it can quickly and easily be done with the correct tools and specific procedures. To insure greater security and peace of mind, installing the hardware for doors should be taken very seriously with great care given to the sturdiness and quality of door locks and door knobs.

Step 1, Drill and Chisel Mortise

In order to provide a pocket for the mortise lock, a channel must be made in the door’s latch side. To do this, remove the door from its hinges, stand on end with the hinge side resting on the floor and the latch side facing up. Carefully position a portable drill with an auger bit and drill several holes along the length of the channel for the mortise lock.

Next, using a very sharp wood chisel, chisel out a precise rectangle with which to affix the lock plate. Constantly dry fit the lock plate within the latch side to insure it fits tightly and flush with the edge of the door. When this is achieved, use a centering punch to insure the lock plate screws fit exactly within the middle of the lock plate screw holes. Apply a bit of wax to each screw and tightly screw the lock plate into place.

Step 2, Drill Holes for Cylinder Lock Set

Using either a cylinder lock set or mortise lock set of drawings or templates mark out the location of the holes which are to be drilled through the opposite side of the door to where the hinges are located. Next, using a scrap of wood and a clamp, attach this to the opposite side of the door to which the hole is to be cut. This will keep the hole-saw from ripping out the side of the door when it drills through it.

If a deadbolt is being added in addition to door knobs, the same procedure should be followed as in the above two paragraphs. For a deadbolt, a lock plate and cylinder hole must also be provided in order to attach the deadbolt hardware.

Step 3, Install Cylinder Lock Set

Once the holes for the cylinder lock set (and deadbolt if applicable) are drilled through the face of the door, carefully install the cylinder lock and the sliding bolt for the door knob or deadbolt. Tighten bolts enough to allow for a “dry fitting” of the moving hardware to insure the door knob turns and the sliding bolt move correctly. It would be a good idea to apply a bit of machine oil to the moving parts at this point, to insure they move without friction. If everything moves correctly, finish tightening all hardware and check to see that keys work correctly.