How to Hang a Picture on Drywall

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Screw driver
Anchor bolt

As part of an interior décor, frames have been a favorite to hang on walls to accentuate a particular area. Sizes of picture frames come in different sizes and weight could be from light to heavy. The area where the frames will be hanged should be sturdy enough to hold any picture frame weights. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to hang a picture on drywall.

Step1 - Locating the Stud where the Frame will Hang

The initial step to do prior to hanging a frame onto a drywall is to locate the stud with a stud finder which is a small electronic tool. This is the best way to find studs behind walls and is essential when you are hanging heavy picture frames. Once you have located the stud, drive a nail or screw into the drywall to hang the frame.

Step 2 - Use of Anchor Bolts

An anchor bolt is another hanging tool to choose to hang frames or mirrors. The choice for this hardware should be based on the size and weight of the décor to be posted. A hole needs to be drilled at a particular spot in the drywall where the frame will be hanged. The hole drilled should be smaller than the size of the anchor bolt. A plastic kind of anchor bolt may be purchased at home improvement stores that come in a package with accompanying drill bit. To install this, the anchor bolt narrower end should be pushed inside the drilled hole in the drywall. The head portion of the anchor bolt should be left protruding from the wall and this is where the frame or mirror should be hanged.

Step 3 - Use of Picture Hangers

The use of a picture hanger is another choice to hang frames or mirrors. Ensure that the picture hanger to use should complement the weight of the hanged item. This type of hanging tool is not as sturdy as when an anchor bolt is used. This particular kind is appropriate for average or medium sized frames or hanging pictures that will not create much damage to the drywall.

Step 4 - Use of Push Pins

For frames that are very light and small in size, push pins may simply be used to hang it. This particular hanging tool will not have a noticeable damage to the wall but will be effective to hold up small items to the drywall. Use at least 2 push pins to hang a frame-less picture on drywall. Choose a push pin with the same color as you wall so as to leave the push pins unnoticeable. 

Step 5 - Use of Adhesive Hooks

Frames and other wall-hanging decors may be hanged temporarily with the use of adhesive hooks. Be cautious in choosing the appropriate adhesive hooks so that your pictures would not fall down. The most important thing that you should consider when using adhesive hooks is the weight of your pictures. There are adhesive hooks that can hold large picture frames and there are adhesive hooks meant for light pictures only.