How To Hang A Scarf Valance

What You'll Need
Scarf valance
Cordless drill or cordless screwdriver
Curtain or drapery hardware
Screws for the hardware
Curtain rods are polls
Decorative accessory hardware

Use a scarf valance to dress up a boring window and give it a more elegant appeal. A scarf valance can help offset your windows and create a focal point that will draw attention to your light, bright windows. Hanging a scarf valance is an easy project with a few simple tools and some patience.

Step 1- Install the Drapery Hardware

First, follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly install the curtain or drapery hardware that you will be using with your scarf valance. A scarf valance does not usually cover the entire curtain rod or pole, so choose a curtain or drapery rod that matches your decor and the valance. Depending on the type of rod or pole you choose, you may have to install sconces or decorative brackets for your drapery rod.

Step 2 - Install the Drapery Rod Brackets

Use screws or other included hardware to install the brackets for the drapery rod into the wall.

Step 3 - Planning Your Scarf Valance

Determine whether you'll use other types of accessories and decorations on your valance rods to give them more appeal. You may use wood or metal rings, bows, bead lines or even tassels. Decide on a plan before you hang your scarf valance.

Step 4 - Hanging the Scarf Valance

Carefully thread the entire valance through the rings that you hang on your drapery rod. If you're not using rings, simply drape the scarf valance over the drapery rod or pole.

Arrange the scarf valance in a way that appeals to you. You may need to shift the material several times before you find a look that suits the space. Step back so you can fully evaluate how a particular hanging pattern looks on the rod.