How to Hang a Sturdy Towel Rack

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What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wall braces

A towel rack doesn't have to hold a lot of weight, but over time, especially in the damp environment of a bathroom, an improperly hung rack can sag or even fall off the wall. Here's how to install a towel rack that will last.

Step 1 - Mark the Towel Rack Location

To ensure that you place the towel rack high enough that towels will not touch the floor, use the longest towel you have. Hold it up to the wall for a reference. It will show the ideal height for the rack. Hold the rack in place and mark the wall where the screws will go. Use a carpenter's level to make sure the rack is level. If you don't have a level, measure the distance from the ceiling or floor to the mounting position on both sides, and mark them.

Step 2 - Install Braces on One Side

If the rack can be placed with 1 or both legs over a wall stud, special hardware is not required. If the rack will have both legs over empty wall space, you will need to use hollow wall braces, which are available at any hardware store. Drill pilot holes in the wall for each brace, then tap the brace into place with a hammer.

Step 3 - Hang Once Side of Rack

Install the screws on 1 side, driving them through the bracket that came with the rack and into the braces.

Step 4 - Level and Hang the Other Side

Make sure that the bar of the rack is level. Install the remaining screws. If you are using a measuring tape, double check your measurements. Remember that floors are usually level, but ceilings may not be, depending on the way the house was built.