How to Hang a Tire Swing

Build a tire swing in the yard to entice your children outdoors for hours of fresh-air fun and exercise.

The Tree Branch

A safe tree branch will be 6 feet long, about 8 feet up, and at least 24 inches around, well away from yard sheds and fences. Clear all rocks and debris under the swing's path.

The Rope

Use the thickest rope you can find to withstand tension. Sheath it with rubber tubing where it goes around the tree branch, especially at the knot.  Add ten feet to the length from the tree branch to where the tire will be attached, to ensure you have enough rope.  

The Knots

Tie the rope to the tree with any kind of square knot or double clove hitch. Always double the knot, as a single knot will loosen under stress. Loop the rope around the tire body twice before knotting. Use a knot that will stay tight under tension, like a double hitch. Test the swing yourself before children use it.

The Tire

Use an old-style solid rubber tire, as exposed belt wires in old radials will scratch. Pressure-wash the tire with strong soap to remove dirt, bugs and the rubber smell. Drill small holes in the bottom part of the tire for rain drainage.