How to Hang a Wool Area Rug to Dry Quickly

Wool area rugs can take a long time to dry once they have gotten wet. In order for wool rugs dry as quick as possible, you will need to hang them in an appropriate place so they get the right amount of air circulation and warm temperature.

Step 1-Bring Rug Outside

Whether you have spot-cleaned your wool rug or cleaned the entire rug, you should take it outside so it will be able to dry more quickly. Hang the rug over a rope that has been securely tied between 2 trees for quickest drying time.

Step 2- Beat the Rug

Once you have hung the rug on the rope, take a stick or a broom and beat it. Beating the rug will help release excess moisture that is clinging to the rug. Beat one side of the rug a few times and then move onto the other side and repeat the same steps. You may need to do this 2 or 3 times on each side. You will know when to stop when you no longer see water coming from the rug after you beat it.

Step 3-Hang the Rug in the Sun

In order for the rug to dry as quickly as possible you will need to keep the rug in the sun and, ideally, the climate should be warm and dry. Do not attempt to bring the rug outdoors if it is raining, cold or snowing. If you need to dry your rug indoors, hang the it over the shower curtain rod and rotate it every few hours. You can also hang it in the basement if you have space for a rope.

Step 4-Turn the Rug

You need to make sure that you turn the rug over so both sides are able to face outward. This is especially important when you are drying the rug outside because you do not want the sun to fade the wool.

Step 5- Beat Rug Again

Once the rug has completely dried, you should beat the rug a few times on each side to remove any stiffness resulting from hanging. Take the rug off the rope or shower rod and place it back in it's original place.

Wool rugs can take a long time to dry completely so remember not to rush drying time.