How to Hang an Indoor Window Awning

An indoor window awning is a great way to add flair to any room. These are commonly seen in restaurants and cafes as a way to highlight a menu. An indoor awning can give a more comfortable feel to an eat-in kitchen, dining room, or even an office or bedroom. Hanging these are relatively simple.

Proper Materials

Since these awnings are going to be used indoors, the cloth material doesn't need to withstand harsh weather conditions. This leaves your options wide open. You will want to try to avoid thin or flimsy material simply because it will be more difficult to work with. A washable material is also a good idea if you are hanging it in an area that will collect dust or other grime.


Installing an indoor awning is simple. You will need a few curtain rods or wooden dowels. Attach one dowel above the window. The other dowel will need to be attached about 6 inches below the top. This dowel needs to extend out further, so you can use decorative brackets to achieve this. The fabric can then be installed on the top dowel, and pulled tightly and attached to the second dowel. If you have an awning that is long, you can use smaller dowels under the awning as support.