How to Hang Bamboo Blinds

What You'll Need
A pencil
A ladder
An electric drill (Drill/Screwdriver head bits)
A spirit level
Safety goggles and gloves

Adding bamboo blinds to your home is a very easy way to create a unique accent. Bamboo looks very natural and is much more sustainable than many other types of blinds. The material will also adapt to your home over time and will soak up heat during long and hot summers. Installing them yourself can save you a great deal of time and money.

Step 1 - Location

Most bamboo blind sets are designed for indoor use but they can also be fitted outside to create extra shade for your home in the summer. Measure the height and width of your window to make sure the blinds will hang fully after installation. You can have custom blinds made if you have irregularly shaped windows. Once you have decided on the location, you will need to mark the position where the new blind will go.

Step 2 - Mark Positions

Hold the blinds up so that the headrail of the blind is just inside the frame of the window. Make sure the headrail does not touch the top of the window frame. However, do not leave a big gap because light will enter the room. Use a pencil to mark a small point on the inside of the window frame. Mark where the brackets will be placed.

Step 3 - Install Brackets

Taking one bracket at a time, align the bracket with your markings and use a spirit level to get a perfect alignment. Use an electric drill to create small holes. You will need to drill where you marked the wall with your pencil. Use the same drill with a screwdriver headpiece to screw the brackets into place at either end of the window frame. Use the spirit level again to make sure the alignment is level. Make any adjustments if you have to by loosening screws and altering your marked positions on the wall.

Step 4 - Insert Headrail

Gently lift the headrail and fit it into one of the brackets. Gently push it into place until it fits nicely. If you are worried about the weight of the blinds, you can buy counter brackets to offer extra support. Do not force the headrail into place. If it does not fit, the width of the window will not be large enough to install that set of blinds.

Step 5 - Hang Blinds

Take off any materials which may have been keeping the blinds wrapped up and secure. Use the cord to loosen the blinds until they hang down over the window. Test that you can move them up and down by retracting and loosening the blinds three or four times. Because bamboo is susceptible to heat, leave the blinds to hang for two days to allow the material to adapt to the new environment.