How to Hang Bamboo Roman Shades How to Hang Bamboo Roman Shades

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Provided hardware
Mild detergent
Dust cloth

Bamboo roman shades are one of the most inexpensive ways to add shade and decoration to any room. These shades come in many styles and color variations. Whether your room needs gorgeous dark wood or you want a light maple-wood color, you readily find bamboo roman shades to match. They are also quite versatile and can be cut to fit any window frame. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for years.

Step 1 – Measuring

Before you head out to buy bamboo roman shades, be sure to measure the width and length of your windows carefully. Always double-check your measurements before you buy anything that you won’t be able to return. Decide if you want to mount them within or on the outside of the window frame or. Buy bamboo shades that will fit your windows or have them cut to size.

Step 2 – Inside Mounted Blinds

Using the measuring tape, measure one-half inch in from the edge of the window frame on each side and mark this with a pencil. Position the outside edge of each bracket directly on these marks and connect it to the top of the window frame with the provided screws. Unfortunately, side returns are not available for inside mounted blinds.

Step 3 – Outside Mount

Center the blind at the desired height over the window’s opening. Mark the spot of the head rail’s ends on the wall. Measure half an inch from the marks and place the outside edge of each bracket onto these pencil marks and attach the mount with the provided screws.

Step 4 – Mounting the Shade

Once the brackets have been installed and are level with one another, remove the wing nut from the screws. Next, place the shade on top of the brackets. The screws should be coming through the mounting slots on each end of the head rail. Reinstall the wing nuts onto the screws and then hand tighten.

Step 5 – Side Returns for Outside Mounted Shades

The majority of bamboo roman shades are provided with side returns that cover the exposed ends of the head rail. Using the provided Velcro strips, attach the side returns directly to the end of the head rail.

Step 6 – Final Adjustments and Cleaning

Before making the final adjustments during installation, make sure to roll the blinds up and down to see that they move smoothly and that they fit the window properly. Use the attached cord to tie them up when they are not in us. Once the bamboo roman shades are installed, clean them periodically with a dust cloth. Twice a year, use a mild detergent and warm water and wash them completely. You can wash them by putting them in a tub filled with water or in the shower and hose them off. Then hang the blinds out to dry completely before they are put back in the windows.

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