How to Hang Bow Window Curtains

You can showcase your beautiful bow window treatment by using bow window curtains. Arched or bow windows provide an excellent feature in the interior design of a house. However, a big dilemma comes in when it comes to treating these beautiful windows; are you going to cover it with curtains or not? Windows without curtains look bare and dull. This is why many homeowners prefer dressing up their bow windows for an added charm to the rooms. There are several benefits of hanging curtains to the window. For one thing, curtains are excellent in reducing the amount of sunlight coming from outside. Furthermore, adding draperies will cover the window from outsiders, thus keeping your privacy.

But hanging curtains to a bow window is quite more challenging compared to the usual types of windows. Unlike other conventional windows, bow windows are composed of a set of several consecutive windows that bend outward. These curves provide a huge space for you to hang your bow window curtains. Here are simple tips in hanging bow window curtains.

Tools and equipments:

Curved curtain rod

Tape measure

Screw driver





Step 1 – Measure the bow windows

Before hanging your bow window curtains, it is important to first measure the windows. Begin by measuring the exact width and height of each bow window. Make sure to measure the spaces between the windows as well. Mark the holes for the rod brackets with a pencil before drilling; be sure that the center part of the curved rod will be lined up with the center of the window. It is also important to make sure that the rod will be level. Use a laser level or a traditional wooden level to verify that the brackets will be positioned correctly before drilling holes. In order to assure adequate coverage of the window and prevent gaps in privacy, place the brackets on the wall just outside of the window frame.

Step 2 – Choose a curved and flexible curtain rod

You may use another curtain rod if there are spaces between each bow window. This is a great way to dress each window on an individual basis. You may use several variations for each window for an additional unique charm. You can tie the curtains back or simply let them hang free. But if there are no spaces in between each window, you may order a custom made curved curtain rod for custom lengths.

Step 3 – Use window treatments according to your own taste

Arched or bay windows are usually decorated with either valance or curtains. However, a combination of the two can work wonders as well. If you want to achieve a uniform look for the windows, a valance is a good option. But the great thing about curtains is that you’ll be able to play with the designs by varying them slightly. You may use darker colored curtains on each end and use light colored ones in the middle part.

Step 4 – Use a valance if necessary

If you think it’s applicable, use a valance to decorate your arched windows. In hanging the valance, make sure to arrange the folds neatly and carefully. This will create uniformity across all windows in the room.

Step 5 – Hang your bow window curtains

Hang the curtains on the rod. If the curtain material is of a heavier weight, you may need to use a center supporting bracket.

Arrange the bow window curtains in a nice way and in the style of your choice. However, make sure that the design suits well the overall décor of the room. The curtains could either be tied back or allowed to hang straight down.