How to Hang Canopy Curtains

What You'll Need
8-rod pocket drapery panels with tiebacks
Iron or fabric steamer
Screw driver or allen wrench

The softness of canopy curtains can literally transform a bedroom from plain to magnificent without a lot of work. Knowing how to hang the curtains is the first step to achieving the striking look of a modern bed chamber.

Step 1—Press Your Curtain

Either with an iron and ironing board or a handheld garment steamer, remove the wrinkles from the drapery panels. Sheer panels will be easiest to press. Heavier fabrics such as linen may take longer and press best with a board placed behind them.

Step 2—Disassemble the Curtain Rod

Take the step ladder to the side of the bed where you will start. Depending on the manufacturer of your bed, you may have been supplied with a tool, such as allen wrench, to disassemble and reassemble your bed. If not, a screw driver will work fine. Release the curtain rod from the bed frame. You should only release one rod at a time.

Step 3—Hang the Curtains

Slide the curtain pocket on to the rod. Add one drapery panel at a time. Once the second panel has been placed on the rod, reassemble the bed frame. If the rod on the bed frame is very bulky, the curtains you selected may not fit them. Careful measuring before you purchase the draperies should eliminate this problem. However, if you find yourself in this situation, consider using decorative curtain hooks. They come in a wide array of styles and finishes. You can probably find some in the exact wood finish of your bed. Make sure to secure the curtains before moving onto the next side to avoid the draperies falling to the floor. Move your stepladder to each side of the bed and repeat steps 2 and 3 until curtains are on all 4 sides of the bed.  

Step 4—Tie the Curtains to the Bed Posts

Pull the drapery panels so that they are gathered in the four corners of the bed. With the tiebacks provided, tie two drapery panels to each bed post. Placing the tiebacks about half way down the bed post usually creates the best look. Make sure to leave the side of the bed open for a very formal appearance.

If you find that when the draperies are tied back they don’t give you the full appearance you are seeking, add another panel to the rod. This should solve that problem. Sheer fabrics are almost always going to need a bit more fabric for a full look. 
If you weren’t planning to tie the curtains back, but want them to pool on the floor around the bed, you need to make sure that they are long enough. Draperies come in many different lengths. Make sure to check the length of the curtains before you buy them. Sheer fabrics usually work best when you want to let the curtains fall to the ground. They offer a feeling of enclosure without being opaque.