How to Hang Doors on a Bath Cabinet

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Carpenter's square
Cordless power hand drill
Drill bits

Rather than redesigning your bathroom, you can renovate it by installing the latest design bath cabinet doors and replacing the old door. The new cabinet doors can transform the appearance of the cabinets and add to the beauty of your bathroom. You don't need to spend a lot of money on installation. You can hang the door of the cabinets yourself using a few simple tools. Here are the steps to change your bath cabinet doors.

Step 1: Selecting the Doors and Hardware

Measure the door sizes. Select the design you like and the hardware for the doors. Buy the required sizes of the doors and hardware.

Step 2: Marking Hinge Positions on the Door

Mark the position of the hinges on the door. Make sure that the hinges are equally spaced and leave about a 3-inch space from the top and bottom of the door. You can use two or three hinges, depending on the size of the bath cabinet door. Hinges need to be fixed such that the door can swing easily and that they take the weight of the door.

Step 3: Marking for Alignment

Keep all cabinets door together. Align them. Mark the straight lines across the entire row for the hinge position so that all hinges will be aligned. Use the carpenter’s square to keep the lines horizontal. All door hinges should fall in the same line.

Step 4: Mark Hinge Location on Cabinet Facing

Set the door on the cabinet front. Mark the hinge positions on the cabinet facing with reference to the marking on the door.

Open up the door and align the hinges with the pencil marks. You should use the help of another person to hold and support the door when you fix the hinges so they cannot incline or shift. The doors are to be kept level to one another.

Step 5: Drilling Pilot Holes

Have the assistant hold the door in position. Make punch marks with a cordless drill to make the pilot holes. Drill the pilot holes to avoid any splintering or cracking of wood in the cabinet.

Step 6: Fixing the Screws

Insert the screw for the hinges in the pilot holes and fix a few screws in the top and bottom hinge. First, fix the hinges to the cabinet and then to the door. Set the door properly and attach all hinges and the remaining screws.

When the door is fixed securely, check its swing. If there is any problem, just loosens the screws, adjust the door and tighten the screws again. You may need to remove the screws and reposition the hinges in a few cases.

Step 7: Fixing Magnetic Door Latch

Put magnetic latches on top of the door opposite to the swinging side. Fix it with screws into its place.

Attach the other magnet part of the latch inside the cabinet after recessing it such that the magnets on it perfectly match and the door does not hit it.

Adjust the latch with its keyway, moving it back and forth. The door should swing properly and shut flush with the cabinet.

Step 8: Fixing Knobs

Mark the positions of the knobs using the carpenter’s square and measuring tape. If there are more doors, it is better to make a cardboard template to mark the positions of knobs on doors so that they are aligned and symmetrical. Drill the holes and fix the knobs with screws.

You have to repeat the steps for all doors.