How to Hang Jar Candles

Hang jar candles in any ambiance to set the mood with soft lighting for any occasion. The inexpensive method below is an easy way to add a splash of creativity to your home décor and to impress your visitors. 

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Glass jars
  • Measuring tape
  • 22-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Candles 

Step 1 – Purchase the Appropriate Jars

The perfect types of jars to use for hanging candles are those that have a wide opening. Take a moment to mentally plan how you would like the jar candles to be displayed in your space. You can purchase jars of different widths and heights, with different levels of roundedness, and tinted with different colors for a more varied design. Take your time with this step, as the planning phase is the most important part. 

Step 2 – Plan How the Jar Candles Will Hang

An element of the planning process includes imagining where and how low each jar candle will hang. Typically, these candles are hung from posts or trees. Make sure the post or tree will be able to support the weight of the jar candle. Also, you may want the candles to hang at different levels, depending on whether you purchased all of the same jar type or jars of different shapes and shades. 

Step 3 – Measure and Cut the Wires

Refer to your mental plan and take out your measuring type to record one of the hanging distances you previously decided. Now, wrap wire around the mouth of the jar you’ll be hanging, unwind the wire, and then measure its length. Add together these two numbers, and then add another 5 inches to your original total for good measure. This will be the length of wire you need to hang one jar candle. It’s always better to have excess wire rather than a shortage. Use the wire cutters to cut 2 pieces of this length of wire. Repeat this step for each of the jar candles you’ll be hanging. 

Step 4 – Prepare the Wires on the Jar

With the appropriately cut wire, wrap it around the mouth of the chosen jar. Leave a bit of wire sticking out of one end. This should be twisted together with the longer end of the wire. Twist the wires together 3 times so that it’s especially secure. Do the same with the second piece of wire, but this time it should be twisted opposite to the first twist. 

Step 5 – Hang the Jar Candles

Take the two long wire ends and make a loop around the post or tree where you’ll be hanging the jar candle. Make a square knot, and then pull on the edges of the wire to tighten it into place. Someone could help you support the jar during this process so that it’s not hanging dangerously in the air during your movements. Complete this step with the rest of your jar candles. Now, place a candle inside each jar and you’re ready to go! When you light the hanging jar candles up, you’ll feel the warmth they give to both the air and the mood of the area.