How to Hang Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art may fit in many décor styles. A piece of metal wall art may be more problematic to hang than a painting, as the piece may be large and heavy. If you have purchased a piece of metal wall art, you may need some tips on how to hang it to prevent damage to the walls or the wall art.

You Will Need:

  • Heavy duty wall hooks
  • Sturdy nails
  • Hammer

Step 1 – Get Your Materials

Purchase some heavy duty hooks from a hardware store and make sure they will hold the weight of the art piece. You can find the weight rating of the hooks you buy on the labels or ask the shop assistant.

Step 2 – Find the Studs

Ideally, you should introduce the nails into the wall studs. Use a stud finder to locate wall studs and mark their location so nails can be driven into the stud to help support of the weight of the metal wall art.

Establish the level at which you want to hang the art and mark a point, making sure it is located on the studs.

Step 3 – Place the Hooks

Using nails and a hammer, place the hooks in the marked spots. Make sure the hooks are pointed downwards. With heavy art, it’s best if it is hung by two or more hooks, so place the other hooks as well.

If the piece is heavy, ask someone to help you lift it up and onto the hooks.