How to Hang Mural Wallpaper Part 3

What You'll Need
Mural wallpaper
Wallpaper adhesive

If you’re looking for a unique design element to make a room in your house really pop, you might want to consider mural wallpaper. This type of wallpaper allows you to create an immersive pictorial environment, as if you truly had a mural painting on your walls, or as if you had lovely tapestries adorning them. With images available from Victorian floral patterns, to Klimt-inspired Art Décor style murals, to images of ponies frolicking in the ocean waves, you can find something suitable for any room in the house, from the living room, to the study, to the nursery. Of course, the only downside is that mural wallpaper is a little trickier to hang on the wall than normal wallpaper, since you have to be extra careful about lining everything up perfectly. Read this complete manual on how to hang mural wallpaper to find out everything you need to know before you begin the job.

Parts 1 and 2 of this series discussed how to get the room ready for hanging your mural wallpaper. Now, the final article in this series, Part 3 will tell you how to hang up the wallpaper itself.

Step 1 – Check your Paper

By now, you’ll have prepped and cleaned the walls you’re going to decorate, and made marks with a pencil and straightedge showing where each panel will go. Now you’re ready to start applying the panels themselves. Start by taking the wrapping off of your bolts of wallpaper. Spread out each section and make sure that you have all the pieces; if you started hanging the paper and then realized a piece of the clown’s face was missing, for instance, that would be a disaster!

Once you’ve verified that each piece is there, lay them out in the order that you’ll apply them so that you can systematically adhere them to the wall.

Step 2 – Apply the Adhesive

Take the first panel of the mural wallpaper. Lay it out on a flat, even, clean surface. Use your paintbrush to apply a hearty portion of wallpaper adhesive to the back of the panel. Be liberal, but spread it out evenly with the brush so that you don’t get any bumps or wrinkles. Also make sure that every last centimeter is covered with adhesive (even the edges) so you don’t get any peeling corners in the future. Give the adhesive a few minutes to set.

Step 3 – Put the Panels on the Wall

Next, take that first panel and very, very carefully, line up the edge of the wallpaper panel with that first pencil mark that you made. When you’re sure the panel is completely even and straight, stick it on to the wall, starting with the top and slowly unfurling it down, smoothing the paper down with your hand all the way.

Step 4 – Pop the Bubbles!

It’s inevitable that some air bubbles will get caught under the paper as you adhere it to the wall, which can be really unsightly if you let the wallpaper dry like that. Fortunately it’s easy to fix: simply smooth the bubbles out by pressing on them (with a motion going from the center outwards) with your hand or a spare rag.

Step 5 – Repeat, then Dry

Repeat these steps with all the panels, making sure at all times to apply each panel completely straight, conforming to the guiding marks that you made earlier. When all the panels have been perfectly adhered to the wall, let them dry and enjoy!