How to Hang Outdoor Planters

You can add texture and volume to your garden by using outdoor planters that hang in various ways. Before you hang a garden planter, however, you’ll need to plan and take precautionary safety steps. Here are instructions for hanging several different types of outdoor planters.

Materials Needed for Macramé or Woven Hangers

  • Macramé cord or premade macramé hanger
  • Ceiling Hook
  • Pot
  • Planting material and plants

Step 1 – Make or Purchase a Hanger

To hang a macramé hanger, you will need to purchase macramé cord and instructions for making a hanger. For other types of woven hangers, purchase the cording or buy them already completed.

Step 2 – Buy a Pot of the Correct Size

Pots must fit snugly into the hangers so they are secure in wind and rain. Purchase a pot that fits in the hanger with very little extra room. You can purchase a ceramic or terra cotta pot, although some people choose plastic for safety. Fill the pot with planting material and plants.

Step 3 – Hang the Pot

You can use a macramé or woven hanger on any of the next three types of hooks.

Materials Needed for Ceiling Hooks

  • Heavy-duty ceiling hooks (screw-in variety)
  • Measuring tape
  • Nail
  • Hammer

Step 1 – Choose a Good Location

Choose a semi-protected spot to hang your outdoor planter. But make sure it will still get enough sun for the type of plants you use. Check for a beam or sturdy porch support in the area where you want to hang the outdoor planter.

Step 2 – Measure to Center the Planter

Measure to the center of the beam if you want the planter to look symmetrical.

Step 3 – Create a Pilot Hole

Use the hammer and nail to create a pilot hole for the hook. In the spot you marked, hammer the nail 2 to 3 inches into the wood. Use the claw of the hammer to remove the nail.

Step 4 – Install the Hook

Screw in the ceiling hook. Make sure you screw it in completely so it is secure. Hang a planter with plastic hooks, metal chains, or macramé hangers.

Materials Needed for Shepherd’s Crooks

  • Metal shepherd’s crook outdoor planter hangers
  • Sledge hammer and towel
  • Shovel (if needed)

Step 1 – Choose a Location

The advantage of shepherd’s hooks is that you can install them anywhere in the yard. Choose a sunny spot that is somewhat protected from wind.

Step 2 – Install the Hook

Push the hook into the ground. Use the foot rests on the side to push the hook into the ground. Fold the towel on top of the hook, then gently hammer with the sledge hammer to firmly install the hook into the ground.

Use a shovel to dig a hole to begin, if needed. Hang one of your outdoor planters on each shepherd’s hook.

Other Options

You might also want to consider other options. You may select vinyl siding hangers and planter arms that attach to houses or buildings if you want to hang your outdoor planters on the home.