How to Hang Tin Ceiling Wallpaper

A tin ceiling.
  • 4-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-400
What You'll Need
4 foot level
Chalk line
Drywall screws
Tape measure
Tin snips
Screwdriver or screw gun
Putty knife
Tin panel wallpaper and trim

You can really bring a room to life by installing new tin ceiling wallpaper that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This material is very easy to install and will bring the room to life and draw people's eyes up to your ceiling. The patterns in this material are very eye-catching and can really add accents to an otherwise dull ceiling with very little effort.

Step 1 - Install the First Panel

You are going to start installing your ceiling by lining up your first tin ceiling wallpaper panel to a corner. This is to keep the entire installation even and allows you to easily line up the panels as you go. Use screws to secure the male ends to the ceiling as you go. There is no glue or fuss with this type of installation.

Your first panel should lay even in the first corner, with the male slot ends touching the wall, with the female ends facing outward to receive the next panel. Use the square and measure to double-check that this first panel is even, if it is not, your tiles will begin to curve out of line. Make your measurement from the flat edge of the first tile to the other end of your ceiling. To ensure it will remain straight, you can also snap a chalk line.

Step 2 - Tie Up the Ends

Follow the standard slotted pattern from tile to tile until your tin ceiling wallpaper reaches the far wall. Use the same method in the other direction, again checking with measurements and snapping chalk lines to ensure they run straight across the ceiling to the other wall.

Once you get to the edge, take measurements and cut fitted panels with your tin snips. Be careful not to cut yourself, as the material can be very sharp. Use your level and square as you go to ensure that the panels remain straight and flush as you go through the mounting process, locking male to female ends as you go. Secure the last panel with a securing screw on the cut ends closest to the wall.

Step 3 - Instal the Ceiling Trim

Your trim installs in very much the same way as the tin ceiling wallpaper itself. Simply start in the same corner, working your way around the edge of the ceiling, this will hide the rough cuts and securing screws in your panels. Use snips to cut and bend around edges as you go until the entire trim is installed.

Simply secure them into place with screws on the female ends where they bend up to touch the ceiling. Your last piece should simply snap into place with the starting position of the trim. You can keep the panels in their natural material state, or paint them to enhance details in the patterns. Once you are done, there should be no visible screws or cut edges of your tile of any type, as they will all be covered by your trim.