How to Hang Window Treatments Over a Bay Window

What You'll Need
Drill or screwdriver
Corner connectors
Adjustable curtain rods
Tape Measure
Window treatments
Step ladder

Bay windows offer a challenge if you are interested in outfitting them with beautiful window treatments. Because the windows are set at angles, an average curtain rod isn’t going to work properly. Mounting a number of regular curtain rods is going to leave gaps in between the drapery. Some stores carry rods made specifically for bay windows.  These are only effective if your window is built at the exact angle of the rod. Often times this is not the case and the bay window rod becomes useless.  The easiest option is to purchase corner connectors. These create corners when attached to regular curtain rods. Corner connectors allow you to create angles at whatever point you like, therefore, you can match the angles to your window precisely. 

Step 1—Measure Your Window

Though you will be using adjustable rods for this project, these rods usually have limits. Measuring your windows makes sure that rod will adjust to the proper length. You will also need the measurements of your window to select the proper width for your window treatments. When measuring for draperies, you will need the length and the width. Consider the desired look of the draperies before you settle on the measurements. If you want the draperies to be full and pleated, you will need more width than the actual window. The length measurement is going to depend on where you want the draperies to start and end.  Draperies that start at the ceiling are going to need to be longer than ones that start at the window casing. Consider these nuances before you finalize your measurements and buy your draperies.

Step 2—Mount the Curtain Rods

When you purchase the corner connectors and the curtain rods, you should receive the necessary hardware to mount these on the wall.  Use your step ladder to mark the drill holes with a pencil.  Use a level to check the holes.  If you have a drill on hand, use it to affix the curtain rod to the wall.  A drill is especially helpful if you have plaster walls.  Depending on the weight of your draperies, you may want to use brackets for your screws.  This will allow them to bite into the wall better and secure the draperies and rods onto the wall.  A variety of brackets can be found at your local hardware store.  Once the rods are mounted, double check their position with a level.  If the position isn’t correct, make adjustments now.

Step 3—Hang the Window Treatment

Press the new window treatment.  An iron will work fine, but a handheld steamer will make this job a lot easier.   Place the draperies on the rods.  Adjust them so that they are positioned to your liking.  If your draperies came with tie backs you can add them now. 

That’s it!  Your bay window is now beautifully outfitted with window treatments.  With just a little effort, you have transformed your room.