How to Harvest Sassafras Roots

The sassafras tree has been one of the most coveted and controversial deciduous plants in North America.  It has been used for medicinal purposes, flavorings and scents in perfumes and soaps.  If you are growing your own sassafras in your home garden, there are a few tips how to properly harvest the roots.  

When is the Right Time to Harvest?

It is best to harvest the roots after the coldest months have ended and the frosts are gone.  You will want to make sure that the ground is soft enough before you begin digging around in the dirt, ensuring that you will not harm any of the roots.  

Take Just a Little

It is possible to cut portions of the root to use for tea or other external uses without harming the plant's potential growths in the future.  Some gardeners will not use a knife to cut the roots, but instead prefer a potato peeler.  

Its Uses

If you are using the root for tea harvest time is best in February, but it isn’t crucial.  Cut into larger chunks for tea or use the bark of the root for other culinary recipes or medicinal purposes.