How to Hide a Seam in Your Indoor Outdoor Carpet

What You'll Need
Straight edge
Utility knife
Outdoor carpet adhesive
Tape measure

Installing indoor outdoor carpet in sun rooms and outdoor areas is a very popular choice among homeowners. One of the biggest complaints that people often have about carpet of any kind is that they can see the seam. Indoor outdoor carpet comes in a roll and usually in 6 or 12 foot widths. Therefore, you will have to deal with a seam. Here is how you can minimize the appearance of a seam in your indoor outdoor carpet.

Step 1- Plan the Layout

The most important factor in minimizing the seam is to plan how you are going to lay out the job. When you run the carpet with the direction of the light, you will not be able to see the seam as easily. Running the carpet against the light source is a sure way to be able to see the seam.

Step 2- Cut the Edge Straight

Another very important factor in not being able to see the seam is to cut the edges that you plan to seam very straight. Use a straight edge to get both edges completely straight. Use the tape measure to determine exactly where to cut.

Step 3- Glue Down

Glue down the carpet and then roll the entire area with a heavy roller. This will keep the carpet down and in place and keep the seams from being visible.