How to Hide a Washer and Dryer

a neat laundry room with a washing machine

No matter what size your home is, if hiding your washer and dryer is an issue, there are some creative things you can do to change the situation. The option you choose is a matter of budget, practicality and personal touch.

Change the Set up of the Washer and Dryer

If you live in a space that accommodates it, you can purchase a set of stackable washer and dryer units and put them in a closet. In fact, many small apartments have this set up for the ease and convenience. Hiding the washer and dryer becomes easy by simply shutting the closet door. With a stackable washer and dryer set, you also have the benefit of more floor space available, a true bonus for smaller homes.

Move the Washer and Dryer

Living in a larger space might allow for some other options. If you have a garage, it’s the perfect location for a washer and dryer set that is out of sight and yet easy enough to get to. On the same token, you can opt to move the washer and dryer to the basement as well.

If you have the luxury of a flexible budget and appropriate space, you can add a laundry room to your home. Having a specific room for a washer and dryer is ideal and you always have the option of shutting the door.

Get Creative with Curtains

If you don’t have the option of moving your washer and dryer and they are an eye sore, try being creative with some curtains or hanging beads. There are many stylish curtain and drapery options and you can be just as creative with the method of hanging. You can use a plain old curtain rod or you can use hooks or strong binding, whatever fits best in your home.

You have the option of going with something that completely hides the washer and dryer set: dark drapes that close all the way. Or, you can choose something with more of a sheer quality. It’s really a matter of personal style and ease of use.

Choose a Border or Decorative Screen

If hanging up curtains or beads is not an option, a practical border may be. There are many beautiful and decorative folding screens and borders that are easy to find and easy to move around as necessary. If you do laundry only once per week and want to hide your washer and dryer set the rest of the week, a border or folding screen is great.

There are many folding screens that hold photos or candles and so it actually becomes part of the décor while it is hiding your washer and dryer. Plus, many are lightweight enough that it takes little effort to fold them out of the way.

No matter how you decide to hide your washer and dryer, there are other things you can do to disguise your dirty laundry also. Be sure you have a hamper with a lid to keep your laundry concealed. You can keep your laundry products inside a bin with a lid if you have no shelving.