How to Hide Piping Under a Wall-Mounted Sink

What You'll Need
Oil-based paint
Painters tape
Measuring tape
Pins and needle

The wall-mounted sink is a common fixture in houses all around the world. The view of the piping under the sink is not very pleasing to look at. Although you can conceal this piping in a few different ways, this article will describe the fabric option: a sink skirt.

Step 1 - Check for Leaks

If the piping under your wall-mounted sink is free of leaks, you can proceed. If you notice leaks, you should repair them before you attempt to hide the piping. Use a sealing putty to repair any leaks.

Step 2 - Paint Metal Piping

Sand rust or any calcium buildup lightly before painting your metal piping. Paint your first coat of oil-based paint on your piping in a coat. Wait for the first coat to dry.

Step 3 - Sand the Piping

Sand the piping lightly between coats. You should paint three to four coats for metal surfaces.

Step 4 - Measure the Dimensions of the Wall-Mounted Sink

Measure the dimensions of your wall-mounted sink from side to side. This measurement will determine the length of your Velcro. Measure the height; start where you want to place the top edge of the skirt and end on the floor or wherever you want the skirt to hang to.

Step 5 - Cut the Fabric and Sew       

Cut your fabric according to the measurements you have taken but add an additional 1 inch to the width for each fold you need to sew. Also add a seam allowance to each side. The seam allowance is up to your discretion but could range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. Sew all the sides of your fabric.

Step 6 - Place the Velcro

Take your hot glue gun and run it for 5 inches on the circumference of your wall-mounted sink. Make sure the Velcro is taut and gently but quickly place the Velcro where you ran the glue. It will dry very quickly. Repeat until the Velcro is glued onto the whole width of the wall-mounted sink.

Step 7 - Sew the Velcro

Sew the other side of the Velcro onto your fabric. When you finish sewing, stick the Velcro on the fabric to the Velcro on your sink. Make adjustments if needed. Now your piping is concealed behind your sink skirt.