How to Hold Mitered Corners with a Spring Clamp

What You'll Need
Spring clamp
Mitered joint to be clamped
Adhesive (wood glue is preferable)

The spring clamp was designed to make it very easy to clamp mitered corners. Using a spring clamp is quick and easy too. Just be sure not to use it for structural applications.

Step 1 - Ensure that the spring clamp has suffered no damage. The jaws and handles of the clamp are especially vulnerable to damage.

Step 2 - Make sure the spring in the center of the clamp has enough strength to hold the materials to be clamped, by opening and closing the spring clamp itself.

Step 3 - Apply any adhesive material, which will bond the pieces of wood together. Carefully align the pieces to be clamped together, and pull the handles of the spring clamp together to open its jaws.

Step 4 - Place the spring clamp's open jaws over the pieces of wood, and gently release the handles to clamp the pieces together. Be aware that clamps can sometimes misalign the pieces to be clamped, and adjust (and reclamp) accordingly.  Allow ample set up time (generally at least an hour), before removing the clamped pieces from the spring clamp.