How to Hook an Antenna to a Coaxial Cable

a Coaxial cable
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 45
What You'll Need
TV coaxial grounding block
Matching Balun transformer
RF coaxial cable
Power drill
TV set
Digital converter

A coaxial cable transmits the audio/video signal from your antenna to a TV or a connector box. Some antennas come with a coaxial cable, but if you have a large antenna mounted on your home’s roof, it might use ribbon cables instead of a coaxial cable. Follow the 11 steps below to attach your antenna to a coaxial cable. If your antenna supports the coaxial cable, jump to step 8 directly.

Step 1 – Buy the Grounding Block

In case your antenna uses ribbon cables, you will need to use a 300Ω to 75Ω Balun matching transformer, a device that links the ribbon cables with the RF coaxial cable.

Step 2 – Ground the Device

To protect your home, you should ground the device you bought in Step 1. Place a metal rod in the ground outside your home and screw the block into it. You will need to drill holes for this.

Step 3 – Connect the Ribbon Cables

Connect the ribbon cables coming from the antenna to the grounded block. Place the U-shaped tip of each cable under the base of the corresponding screw-down terminal. Screw down the terminal to secure the cables.

Step 4 – Connect the Coaxial Cable

Connect the RF coaxial cable to the block. Generally, there is more than one coaxial port. You can connect to any of the ports.

Step 5 – Connect the Cable to Your TV

Route the coaxial cable to your television. For this, you might need to drill a hole into a wall of your home to pass the cable through. At the back of your television set, you should find a coaxial port. Connect the coaxial cable to your TV through this port.

Step 6 – Connect the Converter

If you use an analog antenna, you will also need a digital converter. Connect the cable to the digital converter box’s coaxial input port. Then connect the box to your television with another coaxial cable.

Step 7 – Connect the Female End

If your antenna supports coaxial cable, take a male to female coaxial cable and attach its female end to the coaxial port on the antenna.

Step 8 – Untangle the Cable

Run the cable to the television or the converter box, as the case may be. Make sure that the cable is untangled; otherwise, you will lose picture quality.

Step 9 – Connect the Male End

You need to connect the male end of the coaxial cable. The cable goes into the “In” port of the television or the box.

Step 10 – Connect the Converter

If you are using the converter box, you will need to take a male-to-male cable and connect it to the “Out” port of the converter and the “In” port of your television.

Step 11 – Turn on the Television

Turn on the television as well as the antenna if you use a power antenna. If the signal quality is poor, check and tighten the cable connections.