How to Hook Up a Car Speaker Adapter for an MP3 Player How to Hook Up a Car Speaker Adapter for an MP3 Player

What You'll Need
Electrical Tape

Installing a car speaker adapter to your existing car stereo allows you to economically modify the existing sound system to accommodate the ability to plug in an use your mp3 player. Each make and/or model of vehicle may require a different adapter, and the adapter that is needed may also depend on what kind of mp3 player will be used. Go a little research to find an adapter that will work not only for your vehicle, but for the mp3 that you will be utilizing with it.

Step 1 - Remove Existing Stereo

Read the owner's manual for your vehicle on how to remove the stereo. Typically, you will remove the faceplate by gently prying it off, and then removing the screws that anchor the stereo into the dash. Pull the stereo out so that you can access the back panel.

Step 2 - Install Adapter

Many adapters are simply plug and play, but read and follow the directions for your specific adapter to ensure it is installed properly. Plug the cord from the adapter into the back panel of the stereo.

Step 3 - Reinstall the Stereo

Reinstall the stereo in the reverse order of removal. Mount the adapter to the dash near the stereo, as the length of the cord will allow.

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