How to Hook Up External Speakers to a Portable DVD Player

portable DVD player playing a movie in a car
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
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What You'll Need
External speakers
RCA cables
RCA adapter
Portable DVD player

If you have a portable DVD Player, you might want to know how to hook external speakers up to it. Your built-in speakers might be fancier than those old external speakers, but built-in speakers may not fulfill your expectations since they do not provide the audio reproduction you seek. Whether you use your built-in speakers or not, the implementation of external speakers for a portable DVD player is quite useful. Besides, you don’t need to buy special speakers. To hook up external speakers to a portable DVD player, you don’t need previous experience as a technician nor unaffordable resources.

Step 1 - Locate Audio Outputs


Find the two audio outputs for stereo sound located on the back panel of your portable DVD player. Check your portable DVD information manual; there should be a section focused on the kind of audio your portable DVD provides. You may find two outlets for multi-channel Dolby or digital Dolby audio as well (these outputs are labeled with the phrase “Dolby”), but leave these untouched.

Step 2 - Connect Audio Outputs

Insert the first end of the RCA cables into the audio outputs: red and white RCA cables go into the red and white outputs respectively. Attach the other end of the RCA cables into the adapter of your portable DVD player. Insert the plug from the left external speaker into the output located on the back of the right external speaker.

Step 3 - Finish Up

Insert the speaker's power cord into the adapter output. Connect the adapter to a wall outlet. Switch on the external speakers. Adjust the volume using the control knob. Enjoy the high-quality sound as you watch movies on your portable DVD player.