How to Hot Foam Wash Your Car How to Hot Foam Wash Your Car

What You'll Need
Soap solution
Bucket or hose
Cleaning machine

One of the steps that can be taken to clean your vehicle is to hot foam wash your car to maintain the paintwork. The following steps will help you carry out the process with the best results.

Step 1 – Rinse

Rinse the bodywork before undertaking the foam washing procedure on your car to remove any loose particles of debris on the surface, which will prevent scratches. Work downward from the top of the car with a bucket or hose.  

Step 2 – Prepare Machine

Pour suitable liquid soap into the solution compartment of the machine before turning it on.   

Step 3 – Wash

Circle the nozzle of the machine over the surface of the car. The machine will work up a lather that will lift any dirt and debris from the surface. Avoid dragging dirt back up onto the car by starting on the top, and then gradually work your way down in straight lines to cover the entire surface. Rinse the car thoroughly with fresh water after this step.

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